Terms & Conditions

  1. Please read and understand before committing your order. Skips are for general and inert waste such as soil, garden waste, paper, plastics, wood, old furniture etc. Any waste on the list below cannot be placed in a general waste skip.
    • Mattresses 
    • Plasterboard 
    • Fridges & Freezers 
    • TVs, Computers & Monitors
    • Animal and human by-products
    • Gas cylinders 
    • Fire extinguishers 
    • Tyres 
    • Batteries
    • Large tree stumps & roots
    • Fuels, Oils and Paints
    • Fuel and oil filters
    • Contaminated soils
    • Adhesives
    • Explosives
    • Asbestos
    • Chemicals
    • Food waste
    • Tarmac / Asphalt / Bitumen
    • Astroturf / Artificial grass
    • Rubber matting
  2. John Gunner & Co Ltd cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any damage caused whatsoever if the hirer requests the company driver to take his vehicle off the Pubic Highway to deliver/position the skip in a location requested by the hirer or their representatives. Customers should be aware that damage could occur to land and driveways. Although our employees will take every precaution to avoid damage, the company will not accept liability for any damage caused when delivering or collecting containers which are not on the public highway.
  3. John Gunner & Co Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by failure to supply, or any delay in supply.  The time allowed for loading/unloading is 15 minutes.
  4. Skips can only be placed on the public highway by prior arrangement with John Gunner & Co Ltd. A permit is required to site a skip on the public highway, John Gunner & Co Ltd can arrange the relevant permits to deposit a skip on the highway with the relevant local authority and a charge will be made. Charges vary with different local authorities. It is the hirers responsibility to make sure that all cones and lights are in place in line with the Highways Act 1980.
  5. The hirer shall ensure that the skip is not overloaded by weight or by volume at the point of collection. All skips should be loaded so that they are not filled higher than the top of its sides. John Gunner & Co Ltd reserves the right to refuse to collect overloaded skips and any costs incurred due to unsafe loads/overloading (including wasted journeys) will be passed onto the hirer. Additional charges may be levied.
  6. The lighting of fires in or near skips is strictly prohibited. The responsibility for the skip remains with the hirer until collected by John Gunner & Co Ltd vehicle.  The hirer will be liable for any loss or damage to the skip container (excluding fair wear and tear) during the term of the skip hire period and will be charged the current purchase price of the skip should it be lost or stolen whilst on the customers site. Once a skip has been placed, it shall not be repositioned without prior consent from John Gunner & Co Ltd. Moving skips on site could result in the inability to collect skip or damage to the skip.
  7. The maximum rental period is 28 days. It is the responsibility of the hirer to request the collection within this time. Failure to do so may result in unannounced collection. If customers do not book a collection date when ordering the skip, contact is needed via telephone or email to organise skip exchange or collection.
  8. John Gunner & Co Ltd is registered with the Environmental Agency as a waste carrier.
  9. Payment for bookings must be completed before a booking can be confirmed. If for any reason a booking needs to be amended or cancelled prior to delivery date the customer must contact John Gunner & Co Ltd via telephone to organise a full or partial refund.  There is no cancellation charge if made at least 24 hours prior to delivery schedule.  A £15 cancellation fee may be applied if cancelled on the same day as delivery was scheduled, at the company’s discretion.
  10. Customers using John Gunner & Co Ltd as a tipping facility do so entirely at their own risk and must follow our site rules. Full PPE is always to be worn on site. Material for deposit on our sites will only be accepted from registered waste carriers and must be accompanied by a controlled waste transfer note stating a description of the waste (with EWC Code), the source of the waste and the details of the waste carrier, including carrier registration number. Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.
  11. John Gunner & Co Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage or injury of any nature that may occur to persons or vehicles whilst using our site. Vehicles may only use such portions of the sites as are allocated to them. Vehicles are weighed before and after tipping, and the waste charges applied accordingly. No customer will be permitted to tip without having appropriate means of payment.
  12. Only waste permitted under the waste permit/licence or exemptions may be deposited on the sites. John Gunner & Co Ltd reserves the right to refuse any materials which it considers to be objectionable or unsuitable for deposit on the company’s site.
  13. All materials are sold on the basis that the weight or quantity is as stated on the conveyance note.  John Gunner & Co Ltd will not accept any responsibility once the load has been discharged and accepted by the onsite signatory.
  14. Unless expressly agreed in writing John Gunner & Co Ltd prices are for materials as stated on the quotation. Where the customer requires an alteration in the grade or type of material, or where it becomes necessary to supply from another source, an extra charge may be made for any additional costs which may be incurred John Gunner & Co Ltd.