John Gunner & Co. LTD can supply a broad range of topsoils to suit all manner of building and landscape requirements. We have been providing our clients throughout Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Central London, with the finest grade topsoils for over 100 years. All our topsoils, with exception of the lawn dressing are locally sourced topsoils, which we recycle through our own recycling facility using the latest recycling technology to produce the end product.

At John Gunner & Co. LTD we understand that having the right topsoil composition for your particular application is crucial to your garden or landscaping schemes success. As no two projects will be the same, we are always happy to give advice wherever possible to ensure you select the correct soil.

All of our topsoils are delivered using our own fleet of modern environmentally friendly (Euro 4 and above) HGV vehicles. Alternatively we have onsite loading facilities for customers with large trailers or appropriate vehicles.

For our customers convenience we are able to deliver onsite not only Monday to Friday, but also on Saturday mornings until midday.



    This product is generally used when a fine finish is required, once again the Topsoil’s textural class is sandy loam.  It would normally be used for planting up raised planters and flower beds where hand planting is required, and a finer visual appearance than the 20mm Topsoil is needed.  This product is peat free. This product is not suitable for dressing or seeding - Use Lawndressing instead.

    10mm Sieved Soil



    Typically classed as Sandy Loam this grade of Topsoil is normally used when it is necessary to increase garden levels or for putting under turf.  It is free draining and is particularly suitable for use in areas where drainage is a problem.  This product is peat free.

    20mm sieved topsoil



    This mix of 10mm and organic soil conditioner has a variety of uses,  it is often used on a broad range of applications i.e. Planting projects, Fruit and vegetable patches, Beds and border replenishment etc.  It is a peat free mixture with a much lower stone content that the 20mm Blended Topsoil.  This product is peat free.

    10mm blended topsoil



    As the plain 20mm Topsoil the blended Topsoil is also typically classed as Sandy Loam.  It is also free draining but has the added benefit of having PAS 100 organic compost mixed to improve the soils fertility. This product is peat free.

    20mm blended topsoil



    Our Lawn Dressings are a blend of fine washed sand and five millimetre soil. This soil is extremely fertile and helps to feed tired lawns, whilst the sand content improves drainage and help to “Aerate”. This is a peat free product.  This product can also be used as a Golf Course divot mix or root zone mix. It is designed for seeding and dressing applications for a perfectly smooth finish.

    Lawn Dressing


All our topsoil’s are supplied using 100% non-sterilised recycled soil. If your project requires sterilised soil please discuss this with us before ordering.